Den Haag

Den Haag or the Hague as it is in English is the seat of the cabinet of the Netherlands and houses the Supreme Court but isn’t the capital, that would be Amsterdam. Continue reading “Den Haag”



One of my favorite places in Holland, which hadn’t been visited by Erin was still be explored, KINDERDIJK. Yes she fell out of the sky once more.

With most of the country lying under sea level earlier settlers had to find a way to keep their heads above the water. To reach the fertile soils surrounding Continue reading “Kinderdijk”

Life of a Student

And then it was into the books. No warming, was just bam straight into it and a major information overload on the first day! I must admit that after 10 months of not really doing any study, it was a bit of a struggle to get back into the rhythm. Although I did manage somehow to pass the first exam, maths, not flying colours but it was a massive confidence boost. Continue reading “Life of a Student”


Start of a new Era.

Firstly I would like to apologise for not posting any blogs over the last two months, but life has been full on. A lot has happened since I waved goodbye to Erin at Schiphol airport 2 months ago. Wow time does fly. This blog will be composed in two parts. Continue reading “Start of a new Era.”



Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, well known for its large variety of the green plant commonly known as weed, was our first city of this 5 week adventure. This blog covers both days.

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And so it Begins.

So first a quick sit rep of whats been happening for the last couple of months. Nothing much! Working, flying and organising this. I worked at a printing company called Bek where I spent many hours rolling posters! And I am now OFFICALLY enrolled in the Technical University of Twente.

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Europe’s Largest Port – Rotterdam

Only a short boat trip away from my granddads house lies the 2nd largest city in the Netherlands, Rotterdam. The ferry is a very convent way of getting round if you are staying up-stream in the towns of Ridderkerk

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Keukenhof – The land of Tulips

From mid April to early May a lot of the dutch countryside is transformed into a huge colourful patchwork quilt. With over 7 million tulip bubs blooming every year in just that area, its no surprise that you will see a lot that are just a little bit different from their neighbours.

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Bottom of the Netherlands

Lot’s n Ern’s World Tour has officially had its first outing to the highest hill, not mountain, of the Netherlands, the city of Maastricht and a town called Thorn.

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SitRep 2ish Months (Feb-Mar)

Just a heads up of what has been happening or not happening since arriving in the clog country two months ago. SitRep stands for Situation Report.

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