Aegina Island

If you don’t go to a Greek Island you haven’t truly experienced Greece. Or so we were told. An hour away by boat lies Aegina Island, once the capital of Greece and that was where we ended up. Continue reading “Aegina Island”


Acropolis of Athens + Other Ruins

“The Acropolis and the surrounding archeologically sites, the heart of ancient Athens is the place where the most essential aspects of the Europe identical emerged; democracy, philosophy, theatre, sciences, arts. It features on the European unions list of Europe heritage sites because of the significant role it has played in the history and cultural of Europe.”

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Lets go to the BEACH, Beach lets get away!!!! And we so did that. After a 40min bus ride we arrived on the beaches of Athens!! Sunbathed, got brown and maybe a little burnt whoops. But it was definitely worth it!! So we dedicated a whole post to this day! Continue reading “BEACH!!”