Leuven: ‘🍺 capital of the world’

This ancient capital, prominent brewing center and Flanders’ oldest university town was the prized destination of the Isaac Newton Society of Mechanical Engineering (W.S.G.) ‘s trip. Funnily enough I was part of this committee to decide the destination of this years trip.

Our moto was ‘Lets just wing it!’ (Well that’s what I am taking it to be), as minimal planning was involved or very last minute, apart from the hostel. No that a lot of planning was required due to Leuven being a very small city, with the 25,000 students giving the city an upbeat, creative air, with lots of pubs and clubs to race around in a couple of nights.

Not only was the cheap beer drunken in the early hours of the morning, the Capital houses over 2000 types of Belgium special beer, where we spent at a lot of hours trying to make a dent in their cellar.

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As the city prides itself on being the beer capital of the world we had to do a brewery tour. Den Domus is a ‘Huisbrouwerij’, where the name says it all, a small brewery connected to a house usually a cafe. In these sorts of establishments the beer brewed is only sold in the those two building, the brewery or the house! Nowhere else. The guide made that every clear, more than once! It has been in business since 1985, being the first establishment in the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) region to have a brewery connected to a restaurant.

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