Who is Lot?

So who is Lot? Anne Charlotte Willemstein is my name but go by Lotte aka Lot. I’m 18 years old with a passion for adventures and traveling, about to embark on an experience of a life time, hopefully.

The last 18 years has seen myself situated in a small ruralish part of little old New Zealand, the Wairarapa, with my dutch parents and younger sister Belle. Oh can not forget our ginger cat Ollie.

THE FAM from left: MUM, BELLE, DAD, ME

Midway through my last year at school came the major decision point, make or break. Up until this point the future for the next couple of years looked clear, engineering at Canterbury University, but there was always a tugging at the back of my mind. Suddenly upon having to pay for a halls of resident/uni accommodation deposit, tug of war begun between here or there. There being the place my parents left 19 years ago, the Netherlands, my heritage. There won.

Although my future that was clear now became a little overcast, due to having to start planning from scratch, all hope is not lost, not only did I want to see the world but also study in the Netherlands. Study + Travel = Memories. This leads to my first major adventure, The Netherlands via Singapore, departing early February!

From then on who knows?