Château de Versailles

Versailles exists due to Louis XIII’s love of hunting, as it was built as a Hunting lodge. From the start of his personal reign, Louis XIV, was intensely attached to the lodge which his grandfather built, Versailles. So fond of it he kept on upgrading and enlarging to make it the most beautiful royal residence in Europe. Which I totally agree with. In 1682 he located his court and his government here. The palace remained the seat of power until the departure of Louis XVI in October 1789.

For the next 40 years its future was uncertain, until it was transformed into a historical museum dedicated to “all the glories of France”, Versailles today is a restored royal palace, a historic museum and an official residence of the Republic.

After our experience with the Eiffel Tower entrance lines we thought that buying tickets online would save us so much time, we were so wrong or everyone had the same idea as us. The plan backfired as there was no queue skipping possible.

Not only is the palace itself beautiful and gardens are just as wonderful. The gardens are based around the massive water fountains located all around the garden so my advice go when the fountains are turned on, they are not always on, Unfortunately.


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