More Paris!

The whipped cream looking building standing tall and proud atop of Montmartre is the Sacré-Cœur. In English it means ‘Sacred-Heart’ and is referring to the heart of Jesus. Located close to the basilica is the Le Mur des Je T’Aime, the ‘I love you’ wall. There are over 311 written declarations in 250 different languages of ‘I love you’, so as expected the wall has become a meeting place for lovers.

Not far away and known for its painters, portraitists, caricaturist and silhouette artists is Place de Tertre or as I call it the ‘artist Square’. The artists located in the square of Place due Tertre pay an annual fee of just over 550 euros for a 1 m2  space, which is shared on an alternating roster with another artist.

Notre-Dame de Paris or ‘Our lady’ of Paris is founded on an Island called Ile de la Cite in the Middle of the river Seine. This Island, between the 4th and the 14th century, contained a lot of the power attributes of France. The royal palace is also located on the Island.

Musée de Louvre is the world’s largest museum and also a historical monement in Paris. The museum is housed in the Louvre Palace, originally built as a fortress in the late 12th century under Philip II. Approximately 38,000 objects from prehistory to the 21st century are exhibited over an area of 72,735 square metres (782,910 square feet).


The Jardin des Tuileries connects the Louvre with the Place de la Concorde, the largest square in Paris. Standing in the middle of the square is a giant obelisk decorated with hieroglyphics exalting the reign of the pharaoh Ramesses II.

Champs- Élysées is the back bone of the city centre as it draws a perfectly straight line from the Louvre, through the Tuilerie Gardens and the Place de la Concorde, bisects the Arc De Triomphe where it becomes the avenue de la Grande Armée, and stops at the base of the modern Grande Arche. This is the place to be is you love to buy lots of expensive stuff.


FOOD!! Here are some food that everyone needs to try when in France, even when on a diet!!

  • Find the ones with pointed tips as then you know it was handmade.
  • Pain Au Chocolat. Can’t go wrong there.
  • This delicate, sweet, meringue-like shell sandwiches with some sort of ganache, buttercream, or jam filling is a definite must.
  • Crepes filled with sweet or savoury.
  • My favourite bread! Just think of bread with lot of butter and eggs.
  • Now this isn’t very traditional but was sensational that we went twice. Urban grill does amazing Kebabs in eider bread or wraps.

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