Château de Versailles

Versailles exists due to Louis XIII’s love of hunting, as it was built as a Hunting lodge. From the start of his personal reign, Louis XIV, was intensely attached to the lodge which his grandfather built, Versailles. So fond of it he kept on upgrading and enlarging to make it the most beautiful royal residence in Europe. Continue reading “Château de Versailles”


More Paris!

The whipped cream looking building standing tall and proud atop of Montmartre is the Sacré-Cœur. In English it means ‘Sacred-Heart’ and is referring to the heart of Jesus. Located close to the basilica is the Le Mur des Je T’Aime, Continue reading “More Paris!”

The City of ❤ – Paris

Dubbed the City of Light and City of love, Paris is was our last city of this amazing tour around some unique places in Europe. I don’t really need to explain Paris to you as it is one of the most well recognised cities in the world with its architecture, fashion and food. Continue reading “The City of ❤ – Paris”