Aegina Island

If you don’t go to a Greek Island you haven’t truly experienced Greece. Or so we were told. An hour away by boat lies Aegina Island, once the capital of Greece and that was where we ended up. We really wanted to go one further to Agistri Island but the boat back was already fully booked. We were expecting white sandy beaches but we were highly disappointed. It was more a rocky shore very close to the road, but there was some sort of seaweed that was washed up and at least ½ metre deep that made it really soft and bearable. The water was so clear and very refreshing so it wasn’t a total waste of time. The sun, heat and travel had caught up with me so a day on the beach sleeping and chilling so what the doctor ordered (not literally don’t worry).

Aegina also has an Acropolis, which we thought was better than the ones in Athens, mainly due to the lack of tourists, it has more intact remains which we were able to climb and explore more inside the columns. We did have to pay a €4 each to get inside but it was worth it after using the bathroom. Paying for bathrooms is ridiculous.

Everyone has to eat Greek food. We loved one dish so much that we got it three times during our stay in Athens. It is called Gyros, basically very good pita bread with meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie, traditionally pork, or chicken with red onion, tomato and tzatziki (yogurt and cucumber). Our only mistake was ordering it as a dish which is a huge platter, maybe twice the size of a takeaway one, with Greek salads. Maybe we should have asked how big it was going to be.

One mountain that everyone has to climb, we are back in Athens now, is Mount Lycabettus. It is a climb but the views by the 19th century Chapel of St. George which sits on its peak was so amazing, especially at sunset. Even better than the view from the Acropolis.





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