Europe’s Largest Port – Rotterdam

Only a short boat trip away from my granddads house lies the 2nd largest city in the Netherlands, Rotterdam. The ferry is a very convent way of getting round if you are staying up-stream in the towns of Ridderkerk

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Keukenhof – The land of Tulips

From mid April to early May a lot of the dutch countryside is transformed into a huge colourful patchwork quilt. With over 7 million tulip bubs blooming every year in just that area, its no surprise that you will see a lot that are just a little bit different from their neighbours.

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Bottom of the Netherlands

Lot’s n Ern’s World Tour has officially had its first outing to the highest hill, not mountain, of the Netherlands, the city of Maastricht and a town called Thorn.

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SitRep 2ish Months (Feb-Mar)

Just a heads up of what has been happening or not happening since arriving in the clog country two months ago. SitRep stands for Situation Report.

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Only 2 hours from home, Köln is the fourth largest city after Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. Although the city has many old looking building on the banks of the river Rhine much of it was reconstructed after the city experienced a lot of damage during the second world war.

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