Driving Tips

Planning on driving in Europe? Or still on your learners these tips are to confuse you!

Tip #1: REMEMBER RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT, DRIVE ON THE RIGHT! Everything is on the right including the gear stick. Luckily the clutch, break and accelerator remain in their normal spots.

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Still in NZ, Just.

Its less than a week until lift off and packing hasn’t reached its climax just yet. While sorting out what and what not to take, its slowly begins to creep up on me, emotions that are always experienced before adventures:

  1. Excitement for the road ahead.
  2. But scared for the unknowns
  3. Nervous for the possibility that something important, like passports, might get left behind on a cafe bench or that I might get robbed or miss a flight or end up missing home and self doubting my decision to leave home in the first place or break another leg skiing.

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